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Insulin Pens- Why are these pens are a better choice than the needle method

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Insulin pens are becoming popular and many individuals with diabetes use the pen for administrating the insulin. 


Why are the pens like Lantus Solostar preferred? 

The Insulin pens are preferred for they allow for simpler, convenient as well as accurate delivery of Insulin than using the Vial and Syringe. 


The importance of these pens can be guessed from the fact that not every individual with diabetes requires to take Insulin. However, those you have to take Insulin need to follow a schedule and sticking to the schedule could be demanding, draining as well as disruptive. For such individuals, insulin pens are a great way for it makes the procedure of taking insulin decreased intrusive and inconvenient.


There are varied brands and models of insulin pen which are available and there are two distinct categories of these pens. The major categories include the disposable as well as reusable one.


 So what is a disposable pen? 

A disposable pen contains a prefilled insulin cartridge and therefore once when the pen is used then the entire pen has to be thrown away.

Unlike it, the reusable pen contains a replaceable insulin cartridge that has to be discarded upon being empty. 


How to choose a correct insulin pen? 

There are varied factors which have to be considered when an insulin pen is selected. The need here is to choose a brand, model as well as the category of the pen after considering-

1. The type as well as the brand of insulin which is available.

2. The insulin dosage that the pen can hold.

3. The increments by which the individual can increase insulin dosage.

4. The material as well as durability of the pen (especially while choosing a reusable one).


Why patients prefer these insulin pens? 

Research has indicated that these pens are preferred by patients because-

1. Users are happier using these pens than the vial and syringe technique

2. The features within the pens make it safer and convenient.

3. The small and thin needle sizes reduce both fears as well as pain.

4. The ability to accurately pre-setting dosages using a dial. 

5. The time-saving benefits because of both prefilled as well as pre-set insulin levels.

6. The range of accessories which allow easier usage and storage.

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